Have you ever travelled to a place and wished you had just grabbed that one perfect gift? We have had the same experience so we created this online store for people just like you. There on Earth is here to provide you with travel and nature gifts that will provide well being and make you feel like you are “there” all over again.

We are continually searching for gifts of a level quality that represent the spirit and integrity of the places they come from. For nature lovers our selections are meant to provide you with feelings of peace and well being that only the natural world provide. And for travellers, our gifts are chosen for their ability to bring you back to the places you have been in a real and tangible way.

You can’t imitate quality so we started by finding the best travel and nature photographers in the industry. The videos and photographs available on this site are some of the best you will find anywhere so you can purchase with confidence. Our feature photographer John E. Marriott has been photographing professionally for over 18 years. Les McDonald, our feature videographer has been filming professionally for over 15 years and has a long list of credits to his name. All you have to do is look at the images and videos on this site and your eyes will tell you what you need to know.

Please enjoy browsing our website and shop with confidence. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you.

 Spring is on us and I was reminiscing about some wonderful spring encounters from last year. Spring is a great time for wildlife viewing in the Canadian Rockies. There are so many young animals out in the spring with parents taking advantage of the abundance of fresh green plants and the growing warmth of longer days.  One day I managed to spot a mother (Sow) black bear with two cubs enjoying a warm spring day. I did not want to get too close so I stayed a very safe distance away. The mom and her cubs disappeared down the side of the valley and I had a hunch I knew where they were going. There was a hillside not too far around the bend full of beautiful green grass and dandelions. I hiked down there and waited for about 20 minutes and what do you know, a black set of ears popped up from the other side! Mom and her cubs found a spot full of dandelions and I was safely out of the way to film the outing. It was one of the best bear filming experiences I have ever had.  I sat there and filmed this family for about half

 Spring is on us and I was reminiscing about some wonderful spring encounters from last year. Spring is a great time for wildlife viewing in

The Wild Pacific West Coast of Canada 2010 was a busy year for our video production team. We filmed and produced a video on the Canadian

In late October I was fortunate enough to come accross a massive Grizzly between Banff and Lake Louise. He was getting ready for hibernation and

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